The solid gold kid


The book that I am reading is the solid gold kid. I wonder why a sixteen-year-old name Derek chapman is afraid to even think, but the reality of it is beginning to sink in. He had been standing at the bus stop in the rain with four other kids and they had saw a stranger. when the van came along and they hitched a ride to escape the storm. Derek knows he is the only one the kidnappers really care about. he the son of a self made millionaire and now he has a price on his head. the others two guys and two girls just had the bad luck to follow him into the van. although Derek is the target of the kidnappers the danger is real for all of them. The character that in my book is Derek chapman, his grandmother jimmy Neal chapman, his father, his mom ,his sister ,Noah greenwood and henry¬† of the kidnappers said you are all with exception of Derek here by chance. Unlucky for you we didn’t ask you to get into the van but once they did they were stuck. There no way in the world that you can get away till we have what were here for you. then they had ask them do they understand.Derek is our prize there little gold nugget. Our solid gold.then they said the rest of you were two cents.this is what I read about today in I think that it is a good book.


My Blog


Welcome to my blog everyone. I am reading  a book that call Monster and it is talking about this boy name Steve Harmon black and he is in jail, maybe forever.He is on a trial for murder and he is sixteen years old.Steve is a young black man and he never did anything to nobody in school he was quit and nice.Steve was in the store with some people and the people had did a robbery and had killed the man that had own the store the people had killed him and the police had thought that the young black man had did it so they had came to his house and pick him up and Steve mother was wonder why the police was at their house.They had told he mother that they was taking him for a ride and they never brought home and he had stay in jail and his mother was crying and he was telling his mother that it would be okay.She had went in visit him and they come not bring no kids back there they had to go one by one and he was be hide a big old glass and they could not do anything but talk.